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Game Console Handheld Game Player HDMI-Compatible Mini Game Stick Built in 1661+ Classic 8 Bit Games Dual Wireless Gamepad

Game Console Handheld Game Player HDMI-Compatible Mini Game Stick Built in 1661+ Classic 8 Bit Games Dual Wireless Gamepad

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Supporting Language: English

Category: Handheld Game Players

Games included: 1661+

Origin: Mainland China

Screen Resolution: 1280x720

Display Size: 3.0"

Games Type: NES

Package: No

Color Display: No

Touch Screen: No

Communication: USB

Type: consolas de videojuegos

Style: retro game console

Function: video game

Condition: consola retro

Feature 1: handheld game player

Model: gameboy games

Support: console de jeux retro

Feature 2: Dual wireless controller

Compatible: TV mini game console

Fit: Handheld game console

Interface: AV/HDMI

Package: no


8 Bit King 4K Game Stick

This game stick preinstall 3300+ selected retro games, support for downloading, saving, Seaching and collection of games, support for 4 kinds of emulators which are PCE FC GBC GB. Equipped 2 gamepads, so that you can share games with your couple, families and friends.

3 inch IPS Screen Portable Handheld Game Console

This handheld game machine has more than 11000+ selected retro games, support for downloading, saving and collection of games, support for 7 kinds of emulators, and equipped an addtional gamepad, so that you can share games with your couple, families and friends.

4K HDMI Retro Game Console Built-in 30000/40000 Games

This game console built in 30000/40000 Games, support 4K TV. Support 20+ languages, include English/Russian etc. Equipped with two 2.4G gamepad, support up to 1-2 Player at the same time, enjoy the game on the sofa with your family or friends.


If these problems cannot solve your question, please contact us.

Q:Can i save or download the game?

A:Yes, the console support download games yourself, and can save game progress.

Q:How to quit the game?

A: Use the p1 gamepad to press [SELECT + START] at the same time.

Q:Why is the game delayed?

A:Dear friend, it may be that the battery is low, please change new battery.

Q:Why P2 Control doesn't work?

A: P1 Control is the main controller, and controller two can only work after the game starts.

Q: Why it is show INITALIZE...... on your TV?

A: Maybe the game stick is crash,you can remove it from the TV, unplug the power cord, plug it back in again, please try a few more times.if still can't be solved,you can contact us to get game file to install games again.

Q:Why is there suddenly a gamepad that can't be controlled during the game?

A:Maybe it is that the battery may be too weak to control. Please replace the battery to see if it can be! If the gamepad is still not control, please contact customer service in time!

Q: Why is there no signal when the game console is connected to the TV screen?

A: If you plug the game console into the TV usb interface and find that there is no reaction, we have tested and we can conclude that the voltage may not be the same due to the voltage difference in each country. The solution we give is not to plug the game console directly into the TV. You can try to connect the power outlet with mobile phone's adapter(electric current 1A),don't use TV as the power source.Please don't worry, this is only a small number of customers can not use, most of the customers can operate normally!

Suitable for two ways of use

The game consoles support 4k HD output. More importantly, both of them support home projector output! No longer have to worry about the TV at home that cannot support 4K HD output and miss the game. As long as you have a projector device, the projector has an HD output interface, without any settings and operations, plug and play! You can enjoy happy playing time. Our game console supports a variety of ways to use, happy to follow you!

4K HD display Game Console

This retro game console is connected by HD cable, you can use it on TVs, computers, projectors and other devices with HD interface, no need to connect to the Internet, plug and play, easy to use,4K HD display, enjoy the fun of the game with family and friends.

Built-in 1661+ Games

The game cosnole built in 1661+ Games and non-repeating classic games, if you want to know the game list, please contact us.

Support Search Game Function

Game players can find the game they want to play, open their favorite big game operation becomes easier, anytime, anywhere to recall the dream of the game!

Game Page Display

The game interface has also been upgraded in all aspects,press "Select" + "Start", the system will take you back to the game menu

1.You can freely choose whether to stretch the picture to fit the full screen or keep the original picture

2.Game Console Support PAL and NTSC TV

3.Support for saving the game instantly to prevent the game from needing to restart.

How to download more games?

STEP1:Download“rom”of NES game.

STEP2:Put“rom”into TF card.

STEP3:Found in the game list.

STEP4:Play it!!

Powering Saving

This controller requires four AAA batteries. Due to safety issues during transportation, our packaging does not send batteries. Customers need to buy at a local store.

Product Size

Packing List

2 X Controller (not including batteries)
1 X Game Stick
1 X Charging Cable
1 X User manual
1 X Retail Box(optional)

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